Parent Testimonies

Bob Shebesta - Area Instructor

Listen to Parents talk about the Childbloom Guitar Program:

”The one thing I’ve told …several friends…just how amazed they’ll be at how much they learn so quick and that the kids love it just as much as we love.”



”What attracted me to the Program was that it said it catered directly to children.”

”The group lesson and the idea that the parent is the…. guide…dynamite!”




”What we liked instantly was when she came home that first night she could play something.”

””..He can grow up with this program. I like the idea to think that when he’s getting into adolesence this is something positive that he will have.”




”Your kids drag out the guitar when grandparents come over…they’re really proud of that you know… ”

”The fact that they could play a song so quickly.. ”


This was an encore piece at the GFA festival performance – a favorite of all who learn it.

Click here to see a video of Childbloom students playing Gypsy Teens

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Bob began teaching guitar at Henri’s Music in 1988 while attending the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.  He taught various playing styles to students of all ages but particularly liked working with the younger student.   After searching  for a better guitar method for children, Bob began teaching for the Childbloom Guitar Program in January of 1996.  He was recognized as a Motivator of the year in 1999 and has published several works for the Childbloom  curriculum.  He also directs performing guitar ensembles for advancing students.

Bob has performed for thousands of listeners in settings as diverse as arts festivals, churches, and fine restaurants.   During the wedding season, Bob Shebesta can be heard playing  elegant music for ceremonies and dinner parties, either playing solo or accompanying flute, violin, cello or voice.


”To provide a stimulating environment for students where they can learn music and the guitar.   It is an honor to work with young students and see them achieve their full potential.”





Kevin Taylor

Kevin Taylor is founder of the Childbloom Guitar Program. He has taught guitar for over 40 years, including 17 years in conservatory and university settings. He is contributing editor to ”The Childbloom Monthly Newsletter” and has written over 350 articles about raising the musical child. He teaches in Austin and Round Rock. His many students have excelled in their skill and love for music winning many competitions and awards for their playing. He has instructed nine guitarists who have appeared on the national NPR radio show, ”From The Top.” He is Director and composer for Austin Bella Corda Guitar Ensemble and is Artistic Director of ”The Young Performing Artist Program.” Mr. Taylor is also a composer specializing in music for guitar ensemble. His compositions have been played throughout the nation and Western Europe. He has recently created a high-school curriculum to teach music though guitar ensemble, which is now being used in schools in Texas. He and his wife live in Austin, Tx.


”My teaching is focused on the student. I realize that young children must build motivation along with skill. If children are motivated, nothing can stop them from excelling. I have over 40 years experience with music, art and the techniques of guitar playing, so those are the elements I seek to communicate to the student. I understand the influence parents have in their child’s motivation and I work with parents to the ends they desire. What is important in my classes is learning, not teaching. I am as proud of my students who play at church, for their grandparents or at home for their pets, as I am of the kids who play on the concert stage. I am honored to bring music into the lives of young people.”




The Childbloom Monthly Newsletter and teacher training.

”Practice Counseling” is serious business. This is an important topic in every Childbloom teacher’s training and is robustly discussed at teacher workshops. We want to help your child get through the ups and downs of motivation and to build a lifelong love for music and learning. Important in that effort is the the Childbloom Monthly Newsletter that addresses the typical challenges you will experience regarding motivation and practice. Parents overwhelmingly agree that the newsletter is an important tool in helping them support their musical child.