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BOB SHEBESTA (Appleton & De Pere Director) – 920-687-1901

KEVIN TAYLOR (Founder, Teacher Training, Austin Director) – 800-950-8502


Green Bay Area Locations


326 E. North St., Appleton WI 54911

347 Libal St., De Pere WI 54115

Phone: (920) 687-1901

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What type of instrument should your child have?

It is very important to obtain the right instrument.
There are many different types of guitars, acoustic nylon and steel, electric and other variations such as ukulele, banjo, resonator and bass guitars.  The acoustic nylon, or classical guitar, is the only type of guitar that we recommend.  Students have more success with the nylon string because the strings are under less tension and have a wider diameter which makes pressing on the strings (fretting) more comfortable for child’s fingers.  The nylon string also sounds nice with the ensemble music (in parts) that is learned.  The low notes have a full sound and the high notes really sing.  Eventually, students establish enough guitar technique that then can expand to other different types of guitars such as acoustic steel string, electric  or bass guitar.  It is also important to obtain the right size guitar.  Many nylon string manufacturers build fractional size guitars (1/4, 1/2, etc).  The smallest being appropriate for ages 5-8.  Before purchasing, we can have your child fitted so you can be sure the guitar size will be suitable.  Please call to set up a free mini-lesson.